73 year old Kummooyeh student in Germany

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Wilfried Horneff, he is 73 years old.
The first Kummooyeh training in Lüchow started in July 2020 as an additional location in Germany. Wilfried was a member of the group from the beginning and is still attending the weekly training.
“Usually we are about 20 students between the ages of 14 to 73. I was always interested in martial arts but due to the fact that I was away a lot on business I didn’t have time for a regular training. Now as a pensioner I have the chance to follow my interest. I like it very much that besides the physical fitness the mental fitness and the concentration is trained.”
As a former sports shooter Wilfried became a good archer as well. He likes the versatility of Kummooyeh and the common training of all age groups.
“Never Stop”