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The final judgments are finished for the 1st International Kummooyeh Online Competition. This has been the first online event to connect with our Kummooyeh family members across the world and we’re planning to prepare more, especially during these challenging times(Covid 19).

Top-ranked competitors

Sword forms
Division A1
1st Place: Andreas Hahn
2nd Place: Mohamed Otify
3rd Place: Antonio Mason

Division A2
1st Place: Karin Garcia
2nd Place: Stefan Woernle
3rd Place: Alexander Pattison

Divison A3
1st Place: Mark Raemakers
2nd Place: Mark Nelson
3rd Place: Dennis Saler

Division A4
1st Place: Gunwoo Woo
2nd Place: Cindy Lacroix
3rd Place: Leon Koh

Mat Cutting
Division B1 (Black belts)
1st Place: Jong Lee
2nd Place: Richard Barrett
3rd Place: Daeman Sung

Division B2 (Instructors and masters)
1st Place: Tim Olbrich
2nd Place: Han Seng Lai
3rd Place: Leon Withrington
Congratulations to the winners of our 1st Online competition.