2022 Australian Kummooyeh Seminar

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Australian Kummooyeh Seminar
19-20 November 2022
Under the planning and direction of Steven and Tamara Cain, leaders of the Canberra Kummooyeh team, the first mass gathering of Australian clubs post the pandemic lockdowns in Australia was a celebration. A joyful and inspired convening of clubs from different states and provinces across the nation. Instructors and members meeting face to face again, and some for the very first time.
The event was elevated further as Grandmaster Jang (the original leader and creator of the Australian Kummooyeh Association) had returned to Australia to lead the ceremonies for the weekend.
The first order of business to warm up the crowds as all members began sparring exercises. Members quickly made new friendships as new partners were regularly cycled among the bustling ranks in the auditorium. Interspersed between the drills, Master Jang would share his technical explanations, as well as his parables and wisdom from travelling the world.
Next was to distribute the participants amongst the 3 Masters present at the event, Grandmaster Jang, Master Corrado Tarantello and Master Michael Tebble. Each cast an eye over their respective groups to grill them on the high level detail, that only a master can, as they went through the foundation techniques and stances, archery and cutting training.
Following the seminars was a friendly cutting competition. All competitors put their best effort forward, but only 6 members, (Colour belts: Stephanie Johnston, Riley Diwell and Tim Edwards.
Black Belts: Daniel Battistella, Eduardo Salazar and Steven Cain) walked away as winners with their prize of a high quality knife.
With the close of day 1, a collection of the high ranks along with Grandmaster Jang, gathered for a dinner to discuss the day and be social.
Sunday and the start of day 2, all members enjoyed a group session focused on patterns and a new exercise that combined cutting, sparring and pattens, lead by Master Corrado and Master Michael, through out which Grandmaster Jang was pulling aside members rank by rank to give
them focused and bespoke feedback.
Following the ‘active’ session, the Grandmaster had everyone sitting as he ran a thorough lecture regarding cutting. All the refined and high level details about the sword, the target and the techniques were explained, as he also took questions from members as they watched on enthralled.
Finally, the weekend closed as 3 high ranking members(Stephanie Johnston, Christina Sanchez and Kaan Kentel) underwent a black belt examination. It was a proud display of their abilities, and under the watchful eyes of 3 masters, they received valuable feedback to help them grow as they continued their journey.
The weekend was an enormous success in that clubs got to meet and train together, learn and challenge themselves with the direct presence of the Grandmaster, and form a positive memory and friendships of a fun weekend.
Kummooyeh Australia has been inspired, and the next gathering is already being prepared.