Kummooyeh Instructor Corrado Tarantello

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Like the ancient warriors of a time long past
The moment you wear your Dobock ,you tie your belt, you slide your sword in your belt.
The sound of a Kakum cutting the air.
The feel of a Jinkum cutting a mat.
Putting on your combat armor and helmet getting ready to do battle.
Jumping as high as you can.
Moving as swiftly as you can.
The constant battle to improve your technique,…. to be perfect.
Stringing your bow ,placing the arrow in place, quiet your mind ,release , hear the arrow move through the air ,and then …bullseye.
Meditation flowing movement, breathing, concentration, and peace with one self.
THIS IS KUMMOOYEH(The Art of The Korean Sword)



Corrado TarantelloHead instructor Concord DojangAustralia