Kendo Instructor Leon Withrington

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I first came to Kummooyeh with the intent of enhancing my current skills for my Kendo training which I had been studying for many years.

After exposure to this martial art I have found it began offering me more & more totally new & unique skills that I never would have experienced studying just Kendo. But at the same time it was still making my Kendo improve by getting me to look at my training from different angles.

I also study a traditional style of Kungfu called LiuHeBaFa and would also highly recommend Kummooyeh to anyone who would like to integrate the sword into their Kungfu/Wushu training. The stances and movement on which Kummooyeh is based upon provides a great platform to perform techniques without having to greatly change your footwork or posture. This makes Kummooyeh a great bridging & very practical martial art between empty hands & sword.

The Kummooyeh training is very extensive. Actually it’s so extensive that you could focus for many years on just perfecting on one element of the style (like your patterns) before even moving onto something else. For the discerning martial artist this makes Kummooyeh a lifetime full of dedication.

Finally I would like to say the Kummooyeh community is a most welcoming & friendly group. Most of the higher grades in the Kummooyeh are seasoned martial artists from many different styles and back grounds. But the support both locally and internationally is always there. Which means Kummooyeh is practiced in the true spirit of martial arts. That is to become better person through the study of your art.



Leon WithringtonKummooyeh Instructor (Sparring) Australia