Kummooyeh seminar in Wolfenbüttel, Germany on 29th February, 2020 (독일 검무예 세미나)

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Kummooyeh beginners seminar lead by Kummooyeh head instructor Maik Löhr and Tim Olbrichin Wolfenbüttel, Germany on Feb 29, 2020.
These and many more experiences were made by the more than forty participants of the beginners’ seminar for Kummooyeh on Saturday, 29th February 2020 in Wolfenbüttel. The 6-hour seminar was hosted by the Niedersächsische Kummooyeh Association and led by the Masters Maik Löhr and Tim Olbrich.

Kummooyeh is a martial art that combines Korean sword fighting and Korean archery. What makes Kummooyeh different from other sword fighting arts is the variety of disciplines to be learned. These are not trained separately, as these skills are individual building blocks that are used in the fighting man against man.

The seminar was conceived in such a way that the seminar participants were able to get a comprehensive overview of these disciplines. In the course of a variety of exercises, the beginners learned the basics of sword handling, blocking and cutting techniques, sword forms, meditation and Korean archery. The background of the techniques and their practical application in combat were always explained clearly by the masters. Especially exciting was the possibility to apply the learned skills in sparring fights with practice swords.

The feedback of the participants was positive throughout and many were already looking forward to future opportunities to learn more about Kummooyeh