Kummooyeh instructors from Australia travels to Korea for training (호주 검무예 지도자 한국 방문)

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While many of us may be no stranger to making the pilgrimage to Korea for training, Kummooyeh Australia has concluded it’s first en-masse tour, with 13 members journeying from multiple states to train with the Grandmaster and enjoy some of the best facilities for our art.
Notably, the fields in Boryeo. A serene and peaceful place, now the grounds for the ‘cutting field’, an outdoor training area for mastering our live blade techniques, cutting up to and beyond 30 targets in one session.
As well as the newly prepared archery training grounds. Kummooyeh members can look forward to training in nature with distances up to and beyond 40 meters, as well as challenge themselves with the walking shooting course. A 6 target range where members stalk through the foliage and shoot their targets between the trees.
But not least of which back in Songdo – Incheon, a large living complex with luxurious accommodations reserved exclusively for Kummooyeh members abroad, connected to multiple training halls for team training, or private sessions.
Paired of course with an amazing cultural tour, delving into the rich history of an ancient nation, the delicious and different cuisines, sublime and exotic new landscapes, all sprinkled with some luxurious modern comforts.
Special thanks to the members at our Canberra club, with an extra special mention to Christina Sanchez for captaining the preparation of what we can now call an amazing success and an unforgettable tour.
To those members that could not join us, rest assured, plans for the next trip are being contemplated already.
Should you want to grow and refine your techniques, learn more of the world and forge special new memories with an excellent team of people, you’d best be there for the next one.