2023 Kummooyeh German Open (2023 독일 검무예 대회)

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On 18.11.2023 the time had come: the event of the year in German Kummooyeh could begin. After months of preparation, Kummooyeh fighters from all locations in Germany came together to compete in the German Open.
The competition was organized with the kind support of the German Taekwondo Union at the federal base in Nuremberg. Most of the participants had already traveled to Nuremberg on the day before to prepare themselves physically and mentally for the competition at a joint training course, but of course also to see their friends from the other clubs again.
After the opening of the competition by the board, the fights started 1 against 1 in six different classes. For many of the fighters, it was their first major competition on the big stage. However, the nervousness was quickly dispelled, as the exciting fights against each other always required a cool head, quick reactions and the ability to adapt. The best of them managed to keep their concentration and secure a place on the winners’ podium with stamina, finesse and the right sword technique.
As expected, it was an exciting day with victories and defeats, sweat and broken swords, but never with resentment or envy. On the contrary: despite the competitive nature of the event, the sense of community was evident in all participants at all times. They shared their excitement, cheered each other on, accepted defeats and congratulated each other on their victories. There was motivation, consolation and many a fighter received valuable tips from an experienced competitor.
If the competition showed one thing again, it was that Kummooyeh Germany is a community of like-minded people, and even more: family.
Kummooyeh Germany congratulates all participants and thanks the presidium for organizing the competition. Due to the success of the first German Open, this event will now be organized annually. We look forward to seeing you again in 2024!