Grandmaster Joung has trained a wide range of martial arts including Taekwondo, Hapkido, Kendo, Kung Fu and Kummooyeh(Kumdo) for over 40 years. He has focused primarily on studying Traditional Korean Sword Training and introducing real sword techniques since he was absorbed in practicing live sword training in 1991.

To introduce his style of sword techniques in Korea he started teaching Kummooyeh to other martial arts masters by establishing the Korean Dobup Kumdo Association in 1996. Also, he trained, as an instructor and a student at the Korean Military Academy and Korean National Police University in Korea and has been introducing Korean traditional martial arts with a demonstration team over the world.

His two-sword techniques, which consist of 12 basic stances, have influenced many sword masters to set up their martial arts styles in Korea, and he has also strived to introduce and expand Traditional Korean Swordsmanship around the world.


•Kummooyeh (Korean Sword) – 9th Dan Black Belt



• Established “World Kummooyeh Federation” in December 2010.
• Established Korean Dobup Kumdo Association in 1996
• Grandmaster of World Kummooyeh Federation
• President of Korean Kummooyeh Association
• Founder and President of Korean Two-sword Kumdo Association
• Introduced in The Munhwa Il-bo (a Korean national newspaper)
“Looking for Hidden Martial Arts Masters” in April 2004.
• Introduced in MBC (a Korean national television) “Special World” May, 2005.
• Introduced in “News People No 11” in December 2005
• Kummooyeh demonstration and Seminar in Croatia in October 2007
• Kummooyeh demonstration and Seminar in Germany in December 2007
• Introduced in News Journal “Moorim Gosoo: Martial Arts Master “ in January 2009